Book Brouhaha - Alain's main blog.  She publicly review works that are under 10,000 words on this blog and offers private beta reading services.  She also does interviews and rambles about being a self-published short story writer.

Muzik Chronicles: Serial Science Fiction Stories - A world building science fiction blog.  Each post is designed to continue an adventure or add a detail to the universe.  All stories are written flash fiction style (1,000 words or less).  Guest submissions are welcome.

Non-Techie Blogging - Simple tips and tricks for effective blogging.  Alain shares what she's learned from trial and error.

Short Story Symposium - A place for readers to discover new short story authors. 

Short Fiction Writers Guild - The Short Fiction Writers Guild was formed to promote the Short Fiction Genre and to connect our member writers with readers who appreciate short stories or are learning to appreciate short stories.

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